I guess it is not that hard to make more than a near minimum wage food service worker on a computer, but the sad part is that many people, even ones reading this post have never made their first dollar online. They sign up for programs, try to share them wherever they can and hope the dollars start to flow.

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This near minimum wage worker gives huge thanks to Ray Higdon. The training in this course has helped me to turn the corner. Ray over-delivers here. It is a course about blogging, but it teaches you far more than you would ever get from a blogging course. If you are struggling and not making money from blogging or marketing in general, this is a must have. My results to date have made me more income in the past week up until this blog post than I made in my job. It gets a little bit better every day and feels great. Anyone who cannot afford this immediately should set aside the funds for this and save them up. Do whatever you have to do. As of this date, this is the best course that I have taken online out of many.

Near Minimum Wage Worker Has Bigger Week At Home

The beauty of the week to date, a period that includes the last 7 days, I can say that I have seen more money come home from my computer

than I have seen come from my job. Now, that is a good thing, because everyone is looking to replace their income from their job if they are aggressively in pursuit of success in this industry. Sure, there are many people who are happy with what they do, because they love doing it.

In most cases, that is not the truth, so I ask you today to dig into your inner soul. Dig down deep. I want you to ask yourself a few short questions and write down your answers. Include your answers in the comments section of this blog if you like.

  • What are your biggest fears in life that comes from not having enough money?
  • What are your frustrations and challenges in this area?
  • What do you desire?

It does not matter if you work for minimum wage, have no job or have a well paying job that just plain sucks.

The Difference Maker For This Near Minimum Wage Worker

The past month has been spent on a lot of self development courses by purchasing products that teach me the things that I felt that I needed to know to become successful. I knew I was doing something wrong all along. Although I was tech savvy and could do all the bells and whistles, it did not matter. I was not solving the problems for people coming to my sites. Then, with one swift action, I got my refund check from the IRS and knew that I could spend it foolishly on things that did not help me more than a little bit of simple pleasure. I knew if I turned that money into leverage, I would see a marked increase in my income. I picked up Pro Blog Academy by Ray Higdon. I also picked up Tribe Traffic Mastery by Gavin Mountford and a few other products on Amazon that are serving me very well. Now, I am also working through Gavin’s course and that did further the process along, but now, you see I have fully recovered the cost of Ray’s course just from the results that I have seen. I picked up the course one month ago, started building this blog and in the past week, I have been able to get this blog out to the masses and share it. Now, if you are a minimum wage worker, successful professional, unemployed individual, just imagine how great life would be if you could multiply your income. Would your life be better?

Steps From A Near Minimum Wage Worker

Here are some steps that I would like for you to take. These are things that have worked for me.

  • Comment below with the answers to my three questions above. Come back to this blog post by bookmarking this page and checking back every week or so to see what the market says. It will allow you to get inside the head of your prospects and understand what they need to fix. I started my job at $8 per hour so that is near minimum wage. If I can make money online, so can you.
  • Go check out Pro Blog Academy. This is the best course that I have taken as of 3/14/2013. Click here. (opens in a new tab.)
  • Grab A Free Copy of “7 Critical Points To Boost Landing Page Conversions” by filling out the form at the top right of this page. I share some of my tips that have helped me to build an email list and some paying customers into my business.

Remember, if somebody who makes around minimum wage can make money online, so can you so get rid of the excuses and make your dreams happen today.

larry krakow

Larry Krakow is an Internet marketer who cares about people and watching them grow up in the home business arena. While learning social media, blogging and personal branding, Larry has seen the Internet change so much over time, but the one constant always remains with him. It is always about providing value so that people always are encouraged to return to learn more.

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