Why Network Marketing Recruiting Is A Reverse Process

This post may be quite shocking to you, so dig in and get my take on network marketing recruiting and how you could evaluate your process to make sure that 7 steps are a part of the process.

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network marketing recruitingNetwork marketing can be a brutal industry if you struggle with even one thing in the process. It can leave you broke, frustrated and dismayed why you see gurus making a killing while you struggle. In fact, at times, you view them to be super human. It is not the case. They merely invested the time into themselves to learn a successful path instead of just joining a program and throwing it out there to see who sticks.

One quick point that you should write down: People join people who are doing the network marketing recruiting, not the company. Take that to heart and use it to your advantage, because you are your own best resource, even if you suck at writing and have little knowledge. A quote that came from Ray Higdon, my mentor says that version 1.0 is better than version 0.0. Activity is always key, but today, we go into the reverse process tracing back from the point that somebody joins your primary network marketing business.

You may find that network marketing recruiting has been tougher than you would like. We can show you a new perspective that will put far less pressure on you to find “recruits” for your business.

7 Network Marketing Recruiting Steps That Occur Before Somebody Joins

This list is going to be in reverse order. If you evaluate your business in reverse order, you stand to win out big time, because you will be able to easily understand what is not working at any given time in the process and tweak it until it is great. This gets back to version 1.0 being better than version 0.0

  • ┬áThe final interaction: Here is where you really are doing the network marketing recruiting. You have already proven to be an individual that has value at this point and is the final step in the process. One important key here is to put conversation above presentation. This could be a phone call, direct emailing, skype conversations, a webinar meeting that you hold or providing instructions inside a marketing funnel that you have created. Use this as an opportunity to learn about a well qualified prospect.
  • Call to action for communication: Here, you are just starting the network marketing recruiting process for your primary business. It is not the first thing that you do in the process and is the sixth step in the process. Consider this, because it is critical to getting to the first step above in the network marketing recruiting process.
  • Get your direct response question: As you go through the funneling process, people will want to know what it is that you do. Part of network marketing recruiting is getting people to want to know what you do. Every time that you share value with other network marketers or people who want to make money online, they get more curious. You want to get people to desire to know what is it that you want them to do. You are in a much stronger position with each piece of value that you deliver in the network marketing recruiting process.
  • Earn a subscriber: A must have first off is a great autoresponder service and a place to host your blog or landing pages. This is where you earn the subscriber by offering value in a call to action on your page. Having something to give away such as a video series or a document will serve you well to show value.
  • Your compelling and irresistable offer: This is after the final two steps. Once somebody lands on your page, you need a headline that will keep people on your site and effective copy to let people understand their problems and your solution. You can use bullet points to get people to see how your giveaway will help solve problems that your targeted prospect would be looking to solve.
  • Traffic: This is the easy part, but the reason I focus on this one and your ad last is the fact that you need everything ready to go before you start to focus on traffic. Traffic is very important, but very easy to generate and build up over time. A blog is a great way to generate a permanent presence with traffic coming to you consistently. It is an asset that will always grow in size as you add content and will never go away until you take it down.
  • Compelling Ad: Leave a lot of mystery here, but talk about something specific that your target audience is looking to learn about. If it is lead generation for example, talk about how people struggle and that you can solve it in a number of steps. Never tell people too much. Get them onto the next step which is the click. That is what brings you to the very next step which is traffic in the eyes of your prospect.

Summing Up Network Marketing Recruiting Skills

If you are doing your network marketing recruiting in a way that leaves people knowing up front what you are doing, you are skipping all the critical steps in the process of drumming up curiosity, building trust and letting people know that you have the most important thing of all…


If people see you as somebody that will help them make money in a network marketing company because you can solve their problems, they will not hesitate to join your business. Everything in the process is an essential step in the process of network marketing recruiting. If any of your steps are not working, start from the top of the list going from the point that you imagine somebody signing up for your business backwards to the point where they first saw your advertisement. Only then will the network marketing recruiting process be a complete path.

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