If you are trying to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawl is perhaps the biggest thing you worry about before you decide to put out your last cigarette while exhaling that last drag.

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My Personal Nicotine Withdrawl

It is now one month since I extinguished my final cigarette at the time of this blog post. I will let you know with all my personal honesty what to expect if you are similar to myself physiologically speaking. Not everyone is the same, so by no means should you consider this to be what automatically will happen to you. Not all nicotine withdrawl is the same for everyone, but here is what happened with me.

  • The first two weeks, my hands were subconciously looking for something to do. I would walk out of my job and reach in my pocket looking to grab something which really mentally was my precondition to grab a cigarette and light up and soon as I walked out the door.
  • I would noticed my allergies more and odors suddenly became much more obvious.
  • I would become EXTREMELY hungry out of the blue and feel the need to eat like a horse.
  • I continue to feel extremely lethargic and need to take steps to overcome that.

nicotine withdrawlHow I overcame my own nicotine withdrawl.

Now you wonder how I overcame all of these things. Nicotine withdrawl is not as bad as that list of things that I a said may seem. So here is how I beat back each one of those things.

I had gum for every time that I was looking for something to do with my hands and had a drinkng straw to stick in my mouth. I also had toothpicks or anything else that you can stick in your mouth.

For the allergies, well, the sneezing was ok. It was far easier to deal with sneezing than dealing with the daily hacking in the morning just to get the first breath of air in the morning. Every morning when I was smoking, I would wake up hacking up a lung and coughing because I would congest overnight. Well, now that is gone completely a month later. I no longer wake up hacking. I simply chose to deal with the allergies, because that is something that I can work on holistically.

As far as lethargy, well, I must admit, that one is very difficult to overcome. It is perhaps the one thing that has given me the BIGGEST struggle with nicotine withdrawl. Nicotine is a chemical antidepressant so a lot of the natural body chemicals that make us tired are suppressed. This is perhaps the biggest reason why people struggle to quit smoking. So now, I needed a source of energy. I would find it in different teas, vegetables and nutritional supplements. One of the ways that I was able to overcome the energy factor is to use products that help provide energy from my network marketing company. They make products to provide optimum health and energy so it was a perfect match for me.

One final note about my nicotine withdrawl…

Just get over it! I did after over 20 years and over a pack a day. You know about the things that can stand in your way. They are not obstacles. They are a test of your will. Are you comfortable living with cigarettes? I was not. You have to decide that you are not comfortable being a smoker anymore. Besides… You stink!

I know, I did. It took an audio from a great friend of mine by the name of Ray Higdon to put things in perspective enough to realize that I had to be uncomfortable enough to drive me to succeed. With that said, shout out Ray if you happen to pass by this post. Fear and Procrastination is your best product! So if you are able to realize the message and you want to quit smoking cigarettes, stop procrastinating. Stop fearing the nicotine withdrawl and just DO IT!

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