Yesterday, we spoke about the PEC strategy, your social media presence, exposure and conversions. Today, we are going to discuss the first thing and why you should make it a point to spend a lot of time on it.

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Is your social media presence value based?

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You only have 2 seconds to make a first impression with your social media presence. Stop by my business page by clicking the picture. Like it and comment on a post if you found value. It is a resource for you to use.

You may want to ask yourself that question every day. The most important thing to consider when people come to something that you have up on social media is the value that you have to offer and share. That is what makes people take you serious. Is your social media presence based on sharing something that will improve the lives of the individuals that see it, even if they do not eventually buy your products or join your business opportunities. Few people actually get this and it does take time to build a presence based on what you want to do. Remember that old saying about Rome and when it was not built. It will take time to get it right and spending a couple solid months building up that presence.

  • It does take work to do. Nothing good every comes VERY easy, but this is easier than spending 40 years of your life working a dead end job.
  • It should always offer something of value. Your social media presence is often a blueprint that others look to emulate.
  • It should be about YOU and not your network marketing company, somebody else’s brand, vitamins or shakes. Nobody cares.
  • People should immediately get a vision of what it is in it for them when coming to your social profiles and posts. It should take less than a second or two for somebody to make that decision to click further and read more into what you are offering.
  • It should also advertise the relationships that you build in your marketing sphere, because it builds trust.

3 Tips For Boosting Your Social Media Presence On Facebook

These can be applied to both your personal profile and to your business fan pages.

  • Make sure that your cover photo (the top photo that serves as your profile header) gets attention in under two seconds to encourage your visitor to look further into your page.
  • Take your about section very seriously. One little paragraph summing up your business opportunity will NOT do it. Tell people a little bit about your history, what you do to help people and share value.
  • Take advantage of visual candy. Use photos and explain them in your posts. Sometimes, a photo that has something really interesting will lead people to want to talk to you, because it can say something.

These three things can be worked on immediately. You can do them right away. If you want to connect to me on Facebook and see how I am doing it, feel free to see how I build my social media presence. Click here.

My offer to you for your social media presence.

I rarely ask very much of my readers and don’t want to push things on you, because I want you to trust me enough to spend the time to make a presence. When you get better results in your business, I believe that you will come to me and thank me over and over again. It happens every day that I turn on my computer. People thank me for helping them to do things like building a social media presence, help with blogging or even simply helping with mindset. Fill out the form on the top right of this blog and grab a copy of 7 Critical Points To Boosting Your Business. It will start with your social media presence and end in conversions. You will see a great flow to this document and there will be an added bonus on the inside.

Let’s start building your social media presence together and make you far more interesting and less predictable.

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Larry Krakow is an Internet marketer who cares about people and watching them grow up in the home business arena. While learning social media, blogging and personal branding, Larry has seen the Internet change so much over time, but the one constant always remains with him. It is always about providing value so that people always are encouraged to return to learn more.

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