Google has set their criteria for how they rate content, but your copywriting skills are going to be what brings it home when you are marketing on the web.

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Copywriting Skills Are About YOUR Readers

I have found that over the years, I fell in the trap to write to impress Google and their criteria for ranking websites. Well, no offense to Google, I use their search every day to find something that I want to know, but in the end, the top ranking pages are all well written to impress the Google robot with a disconnect to the readers of the post, article or web page. I was stuck in that rut. In fact, one post on an old blog of mine had over 20,000 views for an easy keyword to earn a ranking, but it led to virtually no sales.

copywriting skills

20,000 views in 8 months to one post. Imagine if it were written to make sales with better copywriting skills.

As you can see, that post, one of many dominated the search engines for that keyword. It was getting searched in Google about 4000 times per month and getting me 100 views per day when I finally took it down.

What I learned was that this particular post was not branding me at all. When you are using your copywriting skills on a blog post for example, ALWAYS consider the reader.

Copywriting Skills for marketers are about generating leads and sales by providing value.

So now you have it.

  • Google is not going to whip out a credit card and buy your stuff.
  • Google is not going to pick up the phone and call you for advice.

Stop selling yourself short on your copywriting skills and write for the people that read your stuff!

A very important thing to consider is that if you do a great job in drawing a click from your social media, you are FAR more likely to engage your reader.

Now I know it is a fine line to draw, but if you do it right, your copywriting skills will carry the day, because you will be able to compel people to click on your links from your social media and you will compel them to take the next step in your marketing process.

It is about them and solving a problem that they have in their lives.

With this said, I want to share how I get exposure to these blog posts with you. Be SURE to enter your email address at the top right of this site where I give you 7 Critical Steps to Building Your Business. This will show you how to start branding yourself and bringing about presence, exposure and conversions. Copywriting skills are always important to have so make it a point not to waste what you have as you improve them.

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larry krakow

Larry Krakow is an Internet marketer who cares about people and watching them grow up in the home business arena. While learning social media, blogging and personal branding, Larry has seen the Internet change so much over time, but the one constant always remains with him. It is always about providing value so that people always are encouraged to return to learn more.

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