Today, I want to give you some blog content which is about of all things… Writing blog content that makes your readers want to come back to your site to learn more things or get more information out of you. If you are struggling with generation of leads or sales from your blog, this may help you if you take the time to apply it in your posts.

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Blog Content And Value

In the past, we spoke about value, sincerity and leadership. The truth of the matter is, you would be surprised where you can find value that your readers want. Blog content generation comes from being able to take ideas that you have read and put them in your own words so you can relate to others. That is how to apply blogging to lead generation in the network marketing industry or how to sell books on Amazon through your blog or anything else.

The number one thing that your blog content should portray is value. Without value, is somebody coming to your blog simply because it looks nice? Will they come back because it is pretty? I doubt it. People are looking for what is in it for them every time they click something unless specifically, they are looking for a news article to get the days events.

Giving value in your blog content through sincerity and leadership.

Let’s start with sincerity. Just like any sales letter or anything that you write advertising a product, consider the following things.

  • Is the experience real to you?
  • Does it show your pain that you had before you solved your problem?

If you can identify with the reader of the blog posts that you make, your blog content will be a close enough match of what they are really feeling at the time they are reading to the things that you went through before you found a workable solution to the problem. That is what will keep them reading your whole post.

Moving onto leadership, remember, you were the first one to take a particular step that your reader did not take. And because of that, you are ahead of them and where they would like to be with regards to a particular problem. Your blog content should be reflective of how you got from having that problem to how the solution was achieved and what it gained for you.

So What Did My Blog Content Get Me?

Good question. My blog content got me not explosive growth to date, because this blog is still fairly new, but it is an asset that keeps growing every time I post or approve one of your comments. It generated some revenue from sales of affiliate products, got me a couple of people who wanted to learn blogging and got me 2 people in my downline for my primary company. I have some people from direct communication with others, but without the blog, I would have a smaller business right now. With that said, I want to let you know that when you are writing blog content, you need not worry about what to say. Use blog content to offer solutions to problems for your readers.

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blog content

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Make the most out of writing effective blog content today!

larry krakow

Larry Krakow is an Internet marketer who cares about people and watching them grow up in the home business arena. While learning social media, blogging and personal branding, Larry has seen the Internet change so much over time, but the one constant always remains with him. It is always about providing value so that people always are encouraged to return to learn more.

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