Often, finding inspiration and motivation are the difference makers between sitting on the couch in front of the tv or actually doing something that will carry the day.

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Where I Found My Inspiration

Sometimes, it takes a little nudge, maybe a book, magazine or audio that gives you a perspective that you had never seen before. This is why people tell network marketers to keep investing in courses to better themselves. Sometimes, one little snippet of information could be completely life changing. Part of that is inspiration, but it also includes motivation. I found my inspiration in a little audio by Ray Higdon and thanks to a couple of parts of that audio and a couple of carefully placed phrases, I am now 4 months smoke free, working out and training to run in the 2014 marathon in New York. The question is, have you found your inspiration?

inspiration The Difference Between Motivation And Inspiration

Ok, so here is where it gets a little bit, albeit not very complex. Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Inspiration is the generation of the idea in your mind that feeds motivation. Now, the reason that I tell you to read stuff and listen to stuff or watch stuff is simple. You may have a great imagination, but ultimately, we are a product of the things that we view and learn.

It is VERY important that you find your inspiration for no other reason than your own motivation.

If you never feed your motivation with inspiration to do something, you will be that tv watcher and maybe you may watch me with 30,000 other runners crossing the Verrazano Narrows Bridge running the marathon. Do you want to be a watcher or a doer? It can be anything that you are motivated to do.

You could find inspiration to try a new method to build your home business.

You could find inspiration to invent your own recipe for some type of creation.

Maybe you are inspired to paint a landscape or build something nice.

Maybe you can even find inspiration to master something that gave you struggles thoughout life!

It is all up to you, but you should use a combination of your imagination and your past learning experiences to bring out the best in yourself, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE!

With this said, I hope you find your inspiration, but if you would like help, my contact information is on the top right of this site.

larry krakow

Larry Krakow is an Internet marketer who cares about people and watching them grow up in the home business arena. While learning social media, blogging and personal branding, Larry has seen the Internet change so much over time, but the one constant always remains with him. It is always about providing value so that people always are encouraged to return to learn more.

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